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PetraPottery at the moment is updating the pottery gallery page to include the latest unique pottery and clay artrwork projects. In the mean time we have included images of some of the famous sites from the rose city of Petra.  

The Treasury at Petra
It is the first monument that visitors see when they exited the siq, and it is also one of the finest monuments in all of Petra. It is located in such a way that it grabs the attention of every visitor that enters the city, and excites everyone who glimpses it for the first time. Few other monuments in the ancient world were situated in such a way as to inspire and awe with their majesty and mystery. The Treasury Monument in Petra has always been a mystery. No one was sure when the monument was built, nor what its purpose was.

petra treasury rose city

The Amphitheatre
A little farther from the Treasury, at the foot of the mountain called en-Nejr is a massive theatre, so placed as to bring the greatest number of tombs within view; and at the point where the valley opens out into the plain the site of the city is revealed with striking effect. Indeed, the amphitheatre has actually been cut into the hillside and into several of the tombs during its construction, rectangular gaps in the seating are still visible. Almost enclosing it on three sides are rose-coloured mountain walls, divided into groups by deep fissures, and lined with tombs cut from the rock in the form of towers.

petra amphitheatre

The Monastery at Petra
The Monastery is the largest tomb façade in Petra, measuring 50 m wide and 45 m high. Despite its name, it was built as a tomb monument and may have acquired its name from the crosses inscribed inside.  Like the treasury, the structure consists of two stories topped by a magnificent urn.  The architectural detail of the Kazneh is not evident in this building.

petra monastery

Urn Tomb
The first of the so called Royal Tombs is the Urn Tomb. This tomb is built high on the mountain side, and requires climbing up a number of flights of stairs. The Palace Tomb is very wide, and has three distinct stories in it's facade. Supposedly, it is similar to the Roman palace design of the Golden House of Nero. In front of the tomb is a large stage and in front of this a large courtyard. It is almost as if the Palace Tomb was designed as a backdrop for State funerals.

Petra Unr Tomb

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